About Me

Why yes, this is a bathroom selfie! I don’t seem to have those people in my life who will take a beautiful candid photo where I look absolutely fabulous, but you know, not planned in any way. So, this is the best that I can get.

I’m a wife, mom, and woman, (should woman be first?) who is coming up for air after fifteen years of child-rearing. I left my fellowship in a History PhD program after my first son was born and never looked back (except longingly and with rose-colored glasses). But, now I have four kids, ranging from the aforementioned 15 year old to a 5 year old.

I’ve always wanted to write. My husband has always encouraged me to follow my dreams. Sometimes he even tags along for the ride and then surpasses me. (there is a Dr. in front of his name) And, with my youngest in kindergarten, although not in the way that I had hoped, (she’s being homeschooled by me) I’ve determined that it’s now or never.

So. I’m putting the pen to the paper and the fingers to the keys. Join me as I journal my way to myself.

You can contact me at gwenshaneck@gmail.com or find me, and my knitting (primarily) over at instagram