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Five More Favorite Podcasts

As soon as I hit publish last week, I thought of dozens more podcasts that I love. All of the ones that I have mentioned are podcasts that I subscribe to. Without further ado, here are another five of my favorite podcasts.

The Anthropocene Reviewed I love this podcast! It’s quirky and fun and I always learn something new. I love his dry humor, his delivery, and he is such an amazing writer.

The History Chicks Any resemblance to a boring history lecture is purely coincidental. Beckett and Susan are wonderful podcasters. I have been listening to these two for years and years. They make history come alive! Of course, I’m biased as a History PhD dropout, still even my kids love to listen to their episodes. My favorites? Definitely the series they did on the Tudors.

The Popcast Knox and Jamie are so fun. I will admit that I don’t know what they are talking about sometimes, but when I do, I find them hysterical. (I guess I’m a popculture ludite.) Do you live in the south, but roll your eyes at the southern christian culture? (even if you still participate) then, they are for you. They are laugh out loud funny.

Confronting OJ Simpson This was a podcast where Kim Goldman, the sister of Ron Goldman who was horrifically killed by OJ Simpson in the early 90s and then found Not-Guilty by the court, confronts her feelings about the trial and the aftermath. She interviews prosecutors, reporters, witnesses, even jurors. My son asked my why I am so obsessed with the OJ Simpson trial. I don’t think I’m obsessed, but the murder and trial happened when I was in my early teens. It was a huge cultural moment that I feel like I really ignored at the time. I thought that this podcast was a helpful way to think about it all.

Freakanomics This is a great podcast to make you think. I feel like I learn something every time I listen. Stephen Dubnar does such a good job interviewing people and the show is really well produced. Although, I have to admit, Freakanomics Radio Live (formerly known as “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” was amazing. I drop everything when one of those episodes drops into my feed.

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