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It’s Amazing What You Can Get Used To

The first time I donned a mask a few weeks ago it felt so strange. I felt self-conscious and stupid. But, this past week when I went to the store I barely thought about it at all. I simply strapped it to my face and went out.

It reminded me of what it felt like to potty train our oldest. My husband and I debated about the terminology that we would use and settled on “potty.” As grown adults we hadn’t used that word since our own potty-training. It felt strange and stupid to say. I was acutely aware of the word when it came out of my mouth. But now, fourteen years later, I think nothing of asking my Kindergartener if she needs to “go potty.”

This just reiterates the idea that if you want to do something, you just need to do it.

AKA “fake it ’til you make it.”

I have always felt uncomfortable in dresses. I spent my middle school years actively avoiding them. By the time I became an adult and casual comfy dresses were in, I couldn’t get over the discomfort that I felt when I was wearing them.

I feel like I am “trying too hard.”

Which is ridiculous. And, really, all in my head.

The best cure would be to force myself to wear dresses and to wear them a bunch. A few summers ago I spent an insane amount of money on some custom made dresses from Linen Fox. (They were/are an etsy shop, but now you can buy direct) They are beautiful dresses – well made and pockets! I’ve worn one of them some, but neither of them as much as I should considering how far out of my normal price range they were. (In case you are wondering, I bought the Dana in graphite grey and the Joy in grey stripes)

But, this year I had planned to pick up some dresses at Goodwill and just wear them whenever I could.

Goodwill is temporarily closed, so I did the next best thing. I bought some dresses and skirts from thredup and am planning on trying to wear them every day for one week.

It makes me wonder what else I could be doing during this period of social distancing. What else makes me embarrassed or nervous or uncomfortable that I could force myself to wear or do in the comfort of my own home and only around my family?

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