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My Current Obsession

Recently I have developed an obsession with Etsy.

This seems to happen with me when I feel squeezed for time. Instead of focusing on getting more out of my days, I spend the extra minutes I have scrolling around.

My new recent obsession is jewelry.

If you know me in real life this seems ridiculous.

I don’t wear jewelry.

But, maybe I don’t wear it because what I have doesn’t feel like me?

Or maybe I don’t wear it because I’m not a jewelry girl.

Whatever the reason, it does feel slightly silly that I have spent hours over the past few weeks obsessively looking at jewelry makers’ pages.

I’m even wearing some right now.

The problem is not the jewelry really. The problem is that I am finding it hard to get time for myself. My daughter is missing her school friends. She’s latched on to me to be her new playmate.

And the harder she pushes for us to spend every waking second together, the more I retreat behind my screen every chance I get.

I need to find a solution. For her and for me.

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