My Favorite Website For Buying Online (And In Person)

There are so many choices available now. If you want to try to get “the best” it’s almost impossible to pick a toothpaste or a deodorant. Choice abounds, and online, choice abounds along with reviews.

I just dove down this rabbit hole last week in a quest for a new pair of summer pj pants after discovering a hole in my current pair (a very cheap pair of lounge pants from Old Navy circa 2014). The hole was appropriately placed right on my rear end. And, conveniently enough, we had company for the weekend.

I spent hours researching and looking for a pair of lightweight pj bottoms on the amazon website. About halfway through my brain suggested I try other sites, but at that point, I had several (read that as several dozen) tabs open and I was committed to amazon. I ordered some and they arrived today. Of the pairs I ordered, one of them was the clear winner. I’ll let you know if it is actually a winner after being washed and dried.

But, in my haste to get a new pair of pj pants, I completely forgot about my favorite website to help me narrow down my choices. That website is WireCutter. WireCutter is a review site that is owned by the New York Times. I like the way that the WireCutter breaks down their reviews. And, they have really helped me to simplify my buying decisions.

For instance, when our third weed-whacker bit the dust last year, I hopped on the WireCutter website and searched for string-trimmer. “The Best String-Trimmers” page loaded and after reading through the page I literally bought their “our pick.” I know nothing about string-trimmers. But, they had researched them, tested them, and interviewed experts. I could not possibly gain more information by reading thousands of reviews on all of the sites. And, why try? I needed a trimmer, I know how much they cost, and they recommended this one. The best part of the string-trimmer was that it was battery powered. I doubt I would have bought one of those on my own and now no one can send it to an early grave by mixing up the wrong type of gas. And, I can report, it’s a great string-trimmer. It has held up to over a year of abuse by my children, and they can take down any machine, no matter how well-made.

In the last years, I have found the WireCutter website to be invaluable. We’ve used it to buy a new microwave, washing machine, and lawn mower, to name the big ticket items. My only issue with them is that sometimes their budget pick isn’t all that “budget.” For instance, if I’m going down to the budget pick for the lawnmower, I don’t want to spend over $400. But, maybe, as a life-long thrift shopper, I just have a different definition of budget (and deal!).

However, I am keeping my mind open about using their recommendations for some winter pajamas as the weather gets colder. Their Pajama recommendations look really good, especially those long-johns!

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