On buyers….

I may have mentioned it before, but we are selling our home. I had no idea what a demoralizing process it is to sell your house. For twelve years we’ve lived in this weird headspace where everyone complimented our home – from the contractor who did our new roof, to the gutter guy, to the man who came to install our new windows. These guys loved our house. Granted, they never offered to buy it. But, they understood that as old houses go ours was in great shape, had been well loved, was solidly built, and contained just enough of those little quirks that make old houses interesting. But, now we’re entering into the world of the “buyer” and buyers are obnoxious. Buyers only seem to have bad things to say. Buyers can make you want to board up your home, rip up the for sale sign, and decide to live in this house until they carry you out in a box !

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