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Older Daughter’s Xmas present, finally completed

I feel like a bit of an internet cliche, but here we are. Four of the six of us have really been getting into puzzles since we’ve been home during our “quarantine.” We put this puzzle together on Thursday night and Friday. Thursday night I made analog night – no devices, no tv, no movies, no arguing. It worked well as an idea. I think I might try it again next week, otherwise the nonstop nights of movies/tv just feel very groundhog day.

Mickey Mouse Puzzle (1500 pieces, completed by a very obsessed 13 year old (and the rest of us) on Saturday

On Friday evening we traded puzzles with our neighbor who is a big puzzle fanatic. She left this Mickey Mouse puzzle for us on the porch and we dropped off the one at the top. They are older and their DIL is expecting twins in a couple of weeks, so they are taking no chances with social distancing. Really, it was nice to see someone else around here (rural south) taking this whole thing a bit seriously.

Not sure where we will get another puzzle. I suppose we could always ask our neighbor for another one, or buy one, although I’m on an amazon diet this year and am not really interested in going down this road.

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