Coronavirus Quarantine · Family Life

Quarantine, one week in

It seems that everyone has more time due to the quarantine and forced social distancing. It’s not that way for me. My life goes on. Still the same, but now complicated by the fact that my three older children are home. One is in high school and has been in contact with his teachers, one is in middle school and has received instructions, but nothing very concrete. One is in elementary school and there has been radio silence.

It’s been a challenge, to say the least, and I know I am not alone. My life, all of our lives, have been severely disrupted. I hope I don’t sound like a negative Nelly. It’s just been a lot to take.

Like you, I’m sure, I’ve been sucked into hours of scrolling, social media, and just general malaise.

Disruption is hard.

I’m here with you.


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