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Ramona the Brave

My kindergartner and I just finished Ramona the Brave as our most recent read aloud.

I know I am not alone in saying that reading Ramona books is like coming home to my elementary school self. I’m sure there are millions of people who feel the same way.

I had such a difficult time with my first grade teacher. I bet that my early elementary experience is one of the reasons that I was so willing to homeschool my older children.

I felt so misunderstood. So judged. So alone.

As we read the last two chapters this morning my heart broke for poor Ramona. My heart broke for my children, and everyone, who will be misunderstood. Who is not seen for their true selves.

Ramona is a spunky little firecracker and the main conflict in the book between her and Mrs. Griggs seems like it is wrapped up in a bow during the final chapter. However, we all know that for people like Ramona, those who walk (skip) to their own beat that life is challenging. If you don’t play the role of the good kid, you will struggle.

My older three are in and hurtling toward adolescence.

I hope I can help my children to be themselves.

To be true to themselves.

I want to be a safe space for them as they struggle to be who they are.

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