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One of the first rules of homeschooling a group of children is that one of you will be having a bad day. Every day. Without fail.

The second is that everyone will need to change their clothes COMPLETELY at least once, if not twice a day. I don’t understand how, with all of us hunkered down at home, I have to do MORE laundry than I did when they were attending school, playing sports, etc.

We live in Virginia and the other day the governor closed the schools for the rest of the school year. At first my kids were happy, but immediately reality set in. My oldest, a high school sophomore, was really sad that he wouldn’t get to have his track season – although he plans to continue training so that he’s in good shape for cross country in the fall. He is also a little concerned about his AP tests and his dual-enrollment classes.

My other children didn’t really express sadness, but they’ve really started getting very emotional and upset about other random and seemingly insignificant things. I’m sure it’s hitting them pretty hard. When I think about how I would have felt about this as a fifth grader, a seventh grader, or even a sophomore I know I would have been devastated.

As our lives suddenly pivot, I have been trying to be a reasonable and reassuring touch-point. But, it’s hard.

I see all of these people being creative and starting new projects during this period. Learning languages, doing crafts, starting their spring gardens, and I’m just not. I just don’t have it in me. I can barely do anything. My mind sounds like a train is running through it and it is all I can do to hang on for the ride.

Knitting is out. I knit mindlessly most times, and I can barely concentrate. And, any pattern involving something complicated just makes my eyes glaze over.

Reading has been a challenge unless I isolate myself with the book far far away from the computer or my phone.

Puzzles, though, those have worked well for me. I think I’ll start another one.

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