Slow But Steady (SBS)

A few weeks ago I started listening to the Currently Reading Podcast. I haven’t heard that many episodes, so I don’t know if my reading style matches up with either Kaytee or Meredith. However, something that they were discussing on the episode I listened to struck a chord.

Slow But Steady.

This is the idea that you read a book, but you read it slowly. A few pages a day, possibly for months on end.

It’s a great idea for tackling books that you want to read, but for whatever reason you just aren’t.

A few years ago my in-laws bought me a bunch of Brene Brown’s books for Christmas. I read a couple right away, but the others have sat on my shelf giving me the stink-eye ever since. Using this concept of “slow but steady” I have been working my way through Daring Greatly. I’m probably reading 2 or 3 pages a morning, but progress is progress.

Do you have a “slow but steady” read?

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