That’s Mrs. Plant Lady To You

I’ve always been a plant lady.

Back in college I had a Moon Cactus named Mel that I moved with me from dorm to dorm. Later, when I dropped Mel during a move his head came right off! I also had a Jade that shared the sunny ledges with Mel during those years.

When I got my own place, I filled it with those hard to kill plants of my youth – Goosefoot, Spiders, and Wandering Jews. These plants moved with me and my husband from New Jersey to Minnesota and then five years later down to Virginia.

When we got here, I became obsessed with African violets and had an entire double window devoted to at least 10 plants. I learned that a new African violet could be planted from a single leaf. And, I began to try my hand at propagation. I still have the first African violet I grew from a leaf. It is now three distinct plants. I started the leaf cutting when I was pregnant with my ten year old daughter. It managed to survive the pregnancy and infant months. The rest of my violets weren’t so lucky.

I have always loved propagating plants. Spider plants lend themselves to propagation. They will even grow roots in the air. Goosefoot plants are the same way.

I must admit turning one something into two somethings, for free, is pretty cool.

In recent years I’ve become obsessed with propagation, particularly since I am moving away from my old standbys. I’ve started looking for different plants, rescuing them from big box stores when they are marked down to next to nothing. Sometimes this works out, and sometimes it is an exercise in futility. But, it is always a great introduction to a plant that I never would have tried for full price.

Over the next week I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite plants. Some of my old favorites and some new obsessions. (yes, some of these are instagram darlings) I’m going to highlight plants that I know for sure can be propagated, which will allow you to make two (or more!) plants for the price of one.

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