Coronavirus Quarantine

Today I Ventured Out

Today was my errand day. Usually it is a chance to get out of the house and see what exactly is going on in the world. I almost always have a child with me and we always hit the library. I went alone and the library is still closed.

I hope that they open up the library soon. Maybe not for regular community gathering, but open it so that you can return books and maybe take out books that you have requested. We took out 88 books the weekend after their postponed school for two weeks and the supplies are getting dangerously low.

The stores were full of people who mostly seemed to be embracing social distancing and the seriousness of the situation. At Aldi, my first stop, they still switch your carts. I don’t like that. But, there was a man behind me in line with two packs of toilet paper who told us they were on the last roll. He was going home a conquering hero.

Target was like a ghost town and was still out of all the paper products as well as the cleaning supplies. I did manage to pick up a refill pack of soap though, which is good, because we are almost down to using bars. They also had no eggs, no sour cream, no butter, and limited milk products. Including no Whipping Cream. Our Target also had limits on the number of items you could purchase posted all over the store, which really gave me pause. The limit on milks in both Aldi and Target was 2. I buy 4 every week.

Sams insisted on wiping down the cart before they would let me take it. My mom said that the people at Costco told her they were going through $1,000 of cart sanitizer every week. (She assumes nationwide, but who knows) The employees were visibly cleaning all of the surfaces. Actually, that was happening in every store. They finally had coco powder. I didn’t even ask about yeast. They are probably still out, but there were guys wiping down the pallets above the products on one of those carts, and I had enough time getting coco powder. (he thought I wanted coconut powder)

I’m glad we are stocked for the week, but it was very disconcerting to see all of the empty shelves. What are people doing with all of this food? Where has it all gone?

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