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What I’m Listening To

I don’t know if I am in the majority, but when this whole pandemic really hit the fan I wanted to know everything that I could about it all. I found a few new and really fabulous podcasts. I’m still listening to a few of my tried and trues, but these two podcasts below have some really interesting information both about Covid-19 and just about science in general.

Ologies: I think I found Ologies through a post on instagram and after listening to Alie Ward’s Virology episode with Dr. Shannon Bennett (released March 9) I was hooked. If you have a science minded kid, or you are science minded yourself, this is a great website. (occasional bad language, but not too bad) One of my favorite recent episodes was the Penguinology episode. (penguins, forever known as Business Geese in this house)

This Podcast Will Kill You is a fabulous podcast done by two Erins who have PhDs in epidemiology. They have been examining diseases for a long time, but have a new Covid-19 Anatomy of a Pandemic Series. Perhaps you’ve heard of the quarantini? This was a term coined by the Erins for the start of their episodes. If you want to listen with kids and don’t want alcohol talk they have alcohol-free episodes with no quarantini talk. If you really want corona talk including the history of coronaviruses and past outbreaks of similar viruses (SARS, MERS), then their M-m-m-m-my Coronaviruses would be a great listen.

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